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Climate Economics and Finance (CEF) is a peer-reviewed journal for the publication of original research related to managing environmental systems and improving environmental quality. All papers submitted to the journal must be original and show a specific link with CEF applications. Specific areas of interest for the journal include:

  • Markets for energy commodities and derivatives
  • Regulation and taxation
  • Environmental and climate assessment (environmental impact assessment, risk assessment, life cycle analysis, material flow analysis, life cycle costing, emission accounting, etc.)
  • Social, economic and policy aspects of environmental management
  • Transportation modelling
  • Financial analysis
  • Other topics related to SDGs

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Open Access Journal Article
An Empirical Study of the Policy of Low-Carbon City Pilot on the Level of Green Technological Innovation
by Xiaojun Liu , Hongyuan Bi  and  Yu Teng
CEF  2024, 6; 2(1), 6; 10.58567/cef02010001 - 15 March 2024
The low-carbon city pilot is an important policy for promoting sustainable development and addressing climate change. The level of green technological innovation is a significant driving force for China's transition to high-quality development and the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. This essay takes the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2008 to [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Do Dirty Energies Influence Sustainable Energy Indices Price Formation?
by Rui Dias  and  Rosa Galvão
CEF  2023, 5; 1(1), 5; 10.58567/cef01010005 - 21 December 2023
The clean energy revolution is a global concern. Cross-border collaboration is crucial for sharing knowledge, pooling resources, and tackling complex challenges on a global scale. International partnerships can accelerate innovation by drawing on diverse knowledge and experience from different regions. Access to capital is a key driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in clea [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
The Impact of Carbon Emissions Trading on the High Quality Development of Manufacturing Industry - The Evidence from China
by Ying Li  and  Changgeng Zhu
CEF  2023, 4; 1(1), 4; 10.58567/cef01010004 - 20 November 2023
Carbon emissions trading is an important part of emission reduction policy tools, and manufacturing is the foundation of a strong country. This paper explores the impact of carbon emissions trading pilot on the high-quality development of manufacturing industry by using the double difference method. It is found that carbon emissions trading can significantly promote the high-qu [...] Read more
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Open Access Review
Climate Economics and Finance: A Literature Review
by Hao Dong  and  Tao Li
CEF  2023, 3; 1(1), 3; 10.58567/cef01010003 - 03 November 2023
"Climate Economics and Finance" has risen to prominence as a crucial field, encompassing three primary dimensions: Climate Economics, Climate Finance, and the Intersection of Climate Change and Financial Markets. The adverse externalities arising from climate change, exemplifying a classic instance of "market failure" within market economic frameworks, have garnered global atte [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Macro-level insurance for financing post-disaster recovery: The case of National Disaster Insurance Policy in Sri Lanka
by Gayan Wedawatta , Nadeeshani Wanigarathna , Anuruddha Vijekumara  and  Maheshi Tennakoon
CEF  2023, 2; 1(1), 2; 10.58567/cef01010002 - 02 November 2023
This paper evaluates the use of macro-level insurance to finance post-disaster recovery and reinstatement by investigating the case of the National Disaster Insurance policy implemented by Sri Lanka. The national scheme provided cover for all properties in the country against hazards such as flooding and provided compensation for those affected. Analysis of secondary data obtai [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Analysis of the impact of China's manufacturing export trade on carbon emissions
by Yujing Wang , Xiaoyi Fu  and  Yu Teng
CEF  2023, 1; 1(1), 1; 10.58567/cef01010001 - 25 October 2023
Since the Industrial Revolution, the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by human production activities has increased year by year, and the greenhouse effect has also increased. A series of problems, such as global warming, melting of the Antarctic continent, sea level rise and frequent occurrence of extreme climate, have attracted the attention of countries a [...] Read more