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Inverted U-shaped relationship between non-labor income and labor hours, with wage rates as the threshold variable
by Qi Wang
REA  2024, 24; 3(1), 24; 10.58567/rea03010002 - 20 February 2024
Non-labor income is a crucial factor influencing time allocation, and prior studies have primarily concentrated on the linear association between non-labor income and labor hours. Utilizing micro-survey data from the CFPS in 2018 and 2020 and employing the panel threshold model, this paper empirically identifies a double threshold with the wage rate as the threshold variable. T ...
Open Access Journal Article
Can Education Reduce or Mitigate Discrimination? An Investigation on Earnings of PhD Recipients in the US
by Wei-Chiao Huang , Qing Zang  and  Daxue Kan
EAL  2024, 57; 3(2), 57; 10.58567/eal03020006 - 15 June 2024
Spence’s signaling model (Spence, 1973) suggests that education can signal workers’ unobserved ability to employers thereby mitigating discrimination. There have been several studies concerning education’s impact on labor market discrimination against minority or disadvantaged groups. Our approach in this inquiry is unique in that we utilize the data of PhD re ...
Open Access Journal Article
Temporal Dynamics of Countries' Journey to Cluster-Specific GDP per Capita: A Comprehensive Survival Study
by Diego Vallarino
REA  2024, 23; 3(1), 23; 10.58567/rea03010001 - 19 February 2024
This research delves into the temporal dynamics of a nation's pursuit of a targeted GDP per capita level, employing five different survival machine learning models, remarkably Deep Learning algorithm (DeepSurv) and Survival Random Forest. This nuanced perspective moves beyond static evaluations, providing a comprehensive understanding of the developmental processes shaping econ ...
Open Access Journal Article
How Does FDI-Led Growth Strategy Work? Some Lessons from China for Developing Countries
by Kevin H. Zhang
EAL  2024, 56; 3(2), 56; 10.58567/eal03020005 - 15 June 2024
Foreign direct investment (FDI) is widely viewed as a key driving force behind China’s exceptional growth performance in the last four decades. This paper investigates several questions posed by China’s success in capturing gains from FDI. What explains that success? Can other countries replicate it, or is it unique to China? What lessons are from China for other co ...
Open Access Journal Article
Vector Error Correction Models with Stationary and Nonstationary Variables
by Pu Chen
EAL  2024, 55; 3(2), 55; 10.58567/eal03020004 - 15 June 2024
Vector Error Correction Models (VECM) have become a standard tool in empirical economics for analyzing nonstationary time series data because they integrate two key concepts in economics: equilibrium and dynamic adjustment in a single model. The current standard VECM procedure is limited to time series data with the same degree of integration, i.e., all I(1) variables. However, ...
Open Access Journal Article
Investigating the Joint Impact of Exchange Rate and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows on Domestic Interest Rate in Nigeria
by Innocent Chile Nzeh , Uche Collins Nwogwugwu , Maria Chinecherem Uzonwanne , Christopher Urua Kalu  and  Emmanuel Chinonye Akalazu
FEL  2024, 26; 3(2), 26; 10.58567/fel03020001 - 05 February 2024
The sensitive nature of interest rate has spurred empirical interests on the factors that determine it. This paper examined the joint impact of exchange rate and foreign direct investment inflows on interest rate in Nigeria over the period from 1981-2022. The study made use of the auto regressive distributed lag (ARDL) bounds test and results of findings reveal that in both the ...


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