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Optimal sizing and siting of single tunned passive filter based on jellyfish algorithm
by Adel Abo El-Ela , Ragab El-Sehiemy , Sohir M. Allam  and  Asmaa Adel Mubarak
ETE  2024, 12; 2(2), 12; 10.58567/ete02020002 - 15 June 2024
The presence of electrical harmonics in low voltage networks causes many problems for customers, the most important of which is the decrease in the power quality beyond the permissible limits, which leads to a decrease in voltage for long periods, a decrease in power factor and a large losses in the electrical network due to the deformation of the electric waveform of voltage a ...
Open Access Journal Article
Does Education Predict Women’s Use of Unsustainable Biomass Cooking Technologies? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
by Jean-Louis Bago  and  Marie Madeleine Ouoba
ETE  2024, 11; 2(1), 11; 10.58567/ete02010005 - 15 March 2024
In developing countries, the dependence on traditional biomass for domestic energy consumption is one of the major causes of deforestation and environmental poverty. This paper investigates the impact of women’s education on the probability of using Unsustainable Biomass Cooking Technologies (UBCT) as the household main fuel of cooking instead of clean energy. Combining d ...
Open Access Journal Article
Adoption Factors of Blockchain in Indian Agriculture Supply Chain Management Analysis using EFA
by Nishanth Rao Dugyala , Abishek Rauniyar , Mary Subaja Christ  and  Atul Kumar Singh
ETE  2024, 10; 2(2), 10; 10.58567/ete02020001 - 15 June 2024
The global agricultural supply chain grapples with inherent challenges, including opacity, inefficiency, and ethical concerns, necessitating innovative solutions, particularly within Indian Agriculture Supply Chain Management. Despite these challenges, a notable research gap emerges due to the limited exploration of adoption factors specific to the Indian agricultural context. ...
Open Access Journal Article
Geospatial Optimization of Location-Dependent Costs for Gravity Energy Storage Plants in a Mountainous Suburban Area: The Case of Fukuoka City, Japan
by Tetsuhito Hoshino , Soumya Basu , Takaya Ogawa , Keiichi N. Ishihara , Kiyoshi Hoshino  and  Hideyuki Okumura
ETE  2024, 9; 2(1), 9; 10.58567/ete02010004 - 15 March 2024
Gravity Energy Storage (GES) systems are recently being considered as a viable solution for storing intermittent renewable energy power, specifically in high curtailment zones. While a few studies have analyzed the material costs of GES systems, there is a paucity of literature on analyzing the socioeconomic costs of GES systems. This study analyzes the location-dependent costs ...
Open Access Journal Article
Shred Central: Estimating the user benefits associated with large public skateparks
by Thomas Kemp
JEA  10.58567/jea04010004
Skateparks, often called 'wheel parks,' are becoming increasingly common within communities worldwide. Despite this growth in parks, estimates show that the development of parks needs to catch up to users. Using a count data travel cost model, we estimate the adult user benefits associated with the Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, Iowa – the largest in the United States ...
Open Access Journal Article
Contribution of the Strategic Economic Plan to Singapore’s Long-term Growth: A Synthetic Control Approach
by Júlia Gallego Ziero Uhr , Felipe Weizenmann , Daniel de Abreu Pereira Uhr , Mariana Fialho Ferreira  and  Igor Serpa Moraes
EAL  2024, 61; 3(3), 61; 10.58567/eal03030002 - 15 September 2024
We assess the impact of the Strategic Economic Plan on Singapore’s long-term GDP per capita. To our knowledge, we are the first to evaluate the effect of the 1991 plan on Singapore’s successful growth trajectory using methodologies aimed at causal identification. In other words, this article applies the Synthetic Control method and World Bank data from 1970 to 2018. ...


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