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Open Access Journal Article
Digital Currency and Financial Markets in Nigeria: Impact and Policy Implications
by Chioma Nwosu Peace , Bosha Ernest Oryiman  and  Abubakar Ibrahim Sani
FEL 2023, 2 (3); 10.58567/fel02030003 - 01 December 2023
The rise of privately issued digital currencies, which primarily serve as alternative investment assets poses a challenge to the traditional financial instruments traded in the financial market. This study examines the dynamic relationship between the major privately issued digital currency (Bitcoin) and two financial market securities in Nigeria. The paper employed Vector Auto ...
Open Access Journal Article
Machine Learning Survival Models restrictions: the case of startups time to failed with collinearity-related issues
by Diego Vallarino
JES 2023, 1 (3); 10.58567/jes01030001 - 01 December 2023
This research evaluates the efficacy of survival models in forecasting startup failures and investigates their economic implications. Several machine learning survival models, including Kernel SVM, DeepSurv, Survival Random Forest, and MTLR, are assessed using the concordance index (C-index) as a measure of prediction accuracy. The findings reveal that more sophisticated models ...
Open Access Journal Article
Budget deficit and money holding when consumers live forever in an endogenous growth model
by Yasuhito Tanaka
JEA 2023, 3 (4); 10.58567/jea03040007 - 01 December 2023
In this paper I will show that budget deficit (or fiscal deficit) is necessary to achieve full employment under constant prices or inflation, using a model of endogenous growth in which consumers hold money for the reason of liquidity and live forever. Budget deficit need not be offset by future budget surpluses. I consider the continuous time case by taking the limit of the di ...
Open Access Review
Novel sulindac derivatives for colorectal cancer chemoprevention that target cGMP phosphodiesterases to suppress Wnt/β-catenin transcriptional activity
by Sindhu Ramesh , Peyton Johnson , Khalda Fadlalla , Austin Moore , Chung-Hui Huang , Kristy Berry , Yulia Y Maxuitenko , Xi Chen , Adam B Keeton , Gang Zhou  and  Gary Piazza
CI 2023, 2 (2); 10.58567/ci02020003 - 30 November 2023
Approximately 28 million individuals in the United States face the risk of developing precancerous colonic adenomas (polyps) and potentially progressing to colorectal cancer (CRC). While a promising strategy for CRC prevention involves pharmacological intervention, such as cancer chemoprevention or interception, currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs capable of preventing t ...


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