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Hedonic and utilitarian online shopping: A preliminary investigation

by Daniele Scarpi de Claricini a,* orcid
Department of Management, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
EAL  2023, 42; 2(4), 42;
Received: 23 December 2022 / Accepted: 16 August 2023 / Published Online: 29 August 2023


This research letter investigates hedonic and utilitarian orientations to Online shopping. The data highlight a positive correlation of hedonism with both the length and the frequency of connection to the Internet. It considers two products, jeans and personal computers, that previous literature had identified as being characterized by utilitarian and hedonic features. The results show that consumers prefer to buy products and brands on the Web if they have already seen and experienced them Offline.

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Scarpi de Claricini, D. Hedonic and utilitarian online shopping: A preliminary investigation. Economic Analysis Letters, 2023, 2, 42.
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Scarpi de Claricini D. Hedonic and utilitarian online shopping: A preliminary investigation. Economic Analysis Letters; 2023, 2(4):42.
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Scarpi de Claricini, Daniele 2023. "Hedonic and utilitarian online shopping: A preliminary investigation" Economic Analysis Letters 2, no.4:42.
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Scarpi de Claricini, D. (2023). Hedonic and utilitarian online shopping: A preliminary investigation. Economic Analysis Letters, 2(4), 42.

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