Issue 2 (June)

Vol. 3 (2024), FEL

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Open Access Journal Article
Investigating the Joint Impact of Exchange Rate and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows on Domestic Interest Rate in Nigeria
by Innocent Chile Nzeh , Uche Collins Nwogwugwu , Maria Chinecherem Uzonwanne , Christopher Urua Kalu  and  Emmanuel Chinonye Akalazu
FEL  2024, 26; 3(2), 26; 10.58567/fel03020001 - 05 February 2024
The sensitive nature of interest rate has spurred empirical interests on the factors that determine it. This paper examined the joint impact of exchange rate and foreign direct investment inflows on interest rate in Nigeria over the period from 1981-2022. The study made use of the auto regressive distributed lag (ARDL) bounds test and results of findings reveal that in both the [...] Read more
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Open Access Journal Article
How Shopping Platforms Play a Role in the Credit Card Industry
by Sipeng Zeng
FEL  2024, 27; 3(2), 27; 10.58567/fel03020002 - 15 June 2024
We develop a four-party model involving banks, merchants, consumers, and platform firms to explain why large shopping malls can offer interest-free installment services to consumers. Using a collaboration between an online shopping platform firm and multiple banks to issue co-branded credit cards as a natural experiment, we find that consumers’ spending on the platform fu [...] Read more
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