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Reassessing specificity/selectivity of taxane-based chemotherapy
by Elizabeth R. Smith , Zheshen Li , Zhe-Sheng Chen  and  Xiang-Xi Xu
The paramount prerequisite for effective anti-cancer drugs is their ability to eradicate malignant cells while sparing non-cancer cells. The divergence in properties between malignant and non-cancer cells establishes a "therapeutic window," a critical consideration for achieving desirable treatment outcomes. Central to this is the imperative of a cancer drug's "selectivity and [...] Read more

Journal Article
A prognostic aging-related lncRNA risk model correlates with the immune microenvironment in HCC
by Kun Mei , Zilu Chen , Qin Wang , Akbar Ali , Yan Huang  and  Luo Yi
Background: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) stands out as one of the most lethal cancers globally, given its complexity, recurrence following surgical resection, metastatic potential, and inherent heterogeneity. In recent years, researchers have systematically elucidated the significance of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) in the initiation and progression of HCC. The intr [...] Read more
Hit Affiliation:
Center for Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Soochow University, School of Radiological & Interdisciplinary Sciences, Soochow University (RAD-X), Suzhou, China