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Journal Article
Role of Natural Products in Combating Cancer
by Camilla Barreto  and  Alwjandra Jandus
Alternative bio actively chemicals may be found in natural goods and traditional herb medications, but only a few plant-information formulations have been rigorously studied and verified for their potential as medicinal therapies. The study of plant-derived elements' immunomodulation capabilities and their ability as provoke the immune system as combat various elemental disorde [...] Read more

Journal Article
Drug Transport via Nanocarrier for Liver Cancer Treatment
by Shafirah Hussein  and  Jaffri Ruben
The requirement of having multiple nanocarriers (NCs) and active agents for improved therapy, imaging, and controlled release of medications efficiently in one platform has made the creation of therapeutics and theragnostic nanodrug delivery systems a difficult task for present researchers. Multiple drug resistance (MDR), a high clearance rate, severe side effects, undesirable [...] Read more

Therapeutic Effects of Natural Products Isolated from Different Microorganisms in Treating Cervical Cancer: A Review
by Dipro Mukherjee , Dibyajit Lahiri  and  Moupriya Nag
Cervical cancer is defined as a cancer arising in the cells of cervix that causes unusual vaginal bleeding, discharges, pain in the pelvic region, or pain during sexual activity. Cervical cancer is currently reported to be the fourth most prevalent malignancy among women globally. Surgery includes pelvic lymphadenectomy as well as radical hysterectomy, radio [...] Read more