Aims and scope

- update at: 16 Nov 2023

Journal of Information Economics (JIE) is an international journal that aims to publish peer-reviewed research about the production, distribution, use and management of information. JIE seeks a scholarly understanding that is based on empirical research and builds novel theoretical contributions. The purpose of the journal is to provide an interdisciplinary and international forum for theoretical and empirical research that addresses the needs of other researchers, government, and professionals who are involved in the policy-making process.

Papers that provoke critical thinking on important subjects are welcomed, including articles that focus on research impact and contributions to knowledge in our special section. The aim is to provide a forum that brings together innovative, reflective, and rigorous scholarship while being relevant for practice.

Specific topic areas may include but not limited to:

Innovative theories and technologies in data-driven information analytics

The economics of the telecommunications, big data, and other information industries

The economics of innovation and intellectual property

The role of information in economic development, functioning of markets, environmental governance, poverty alleviation and industrial transformation

The implications of digital technologies for innovation and organizational change

Ethics of digital technologies and data governance

ICT's for institutional and societal change, global strategy and digitalization

Digital economy, Open data, information sharing, and information services

Novel and impactful applications or case studies in big data and analytics for better managerial decision making in public and private sectors

Natural and social factors that affect the effect of information economy

Method to improve the effect of information economy

Signal game and incomplete information game

Editors aim to provide an efficient and high-quality review process to authors. Where articles are sent out for full review, authors receive careful reports and feedback.