Issue 3 (November)

Vol. 1 (2023), JES

2 articles

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Open Access Journal Article
Machine Learning Survival Models restrictions: the case of startups time to failed with collinearity-related issues
by Diego Vallarino
JES  2023, 14; 1(3), 14; 10.58567/jes01030001 - 01 December 2023
This research evaluates the efficacy of survival models in forecasting startup failures and investigates their economic implications. Several machine learning survival models, including Kernel SVM, DeepSurv, Survival Random Forest, and MTLR, are assessed using the concordance index (C-index) as a measure of prediction accuracy. The findings reveal that more sophisticated models [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Optimizing Labor Allocation based on Multiobjective Decision Making Using Improved Hungarian Algorithm
by Tram B.T Tran  and  Hien Hoang Phuoc Nguyen
JES  2023, 15; 1(3), 15; 10.58567/jes01030002 - 13 December 2023
The aim of this study is to solve the problem of labor allocation in cases where the company has fewer employees than the number of existing jobs based on the evaluation of work quality according to multiple objectives. Optimizing labor allocation not only benefits the company by maximizing the use of human resources, but also saves employees' energy. In addition, employees are [...] Read more
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