Issue 1 (March)

Vol. 2 (2024), JES

2 articles

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Open Access Journal Article
The Moderating Role of Organizational Structure Between Quality Management Systems and Organizational Resilience
by Mohammed Al Balushi
JES  2024, 16; 2(1), 16; 10.58567/jes02010001 - 12 January 2024
Purpose: To realize the benefits a Quality Management System (QMS), an organization needs to effectively implement its principles. This includes embracing these principles within an enabling environment. Hence, organizational structure is a critical success factor for adopting quality management systems. This paper aims at understanding how the organizational structure impacts [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Has the development of the digital economy increased corporate financial asset holdings? --A quasi-natural experiment based on the "Broadband China" policy
by Xiuhai Huang  and  Zhenyu Xu
JES  2024, 17; 2(1), 17; 10.58567/jes02010002 - 15 January 2024
A differences-in-differences (DID) model and financial data from Chinese listed firms from 2011 to 2019 are used to empirically investigate the effects of the digital economy on corporate financial asset holdings using the "Broadband China" policy as a quasi-natural experiment. After robustness testing and heterogeneity effects are disposed of, the digital economy dramatically [...] Read more
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