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Open Access Journal Article
Competition in French hospital: Does it impact the patient management in healthcare?
by Carine Milcent
JEA  10.58567/jea04010003
This research paper examines changes in patient care management in acute care hospitals between 2001 and 2011. During this time, there were two opposing factors at play: the competition effect of the reform and the policymaker’s decision to reduce public hospitals across France. By studying the trends, it is evident that there has been a significant overall shift in patie [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Shred Central: Estimating the user benefits associated with large public skateparks
by Thomas Kemp
JEA  10.58567/jea04010004
Skateparks, often called 'wheel parks,' are becoming increasingly common within communities worldwide. Despite this growth in parks, estimates show that the development of parks needs to catch up to users. Using a count data travel cost model, we estimate the adult user benefits associated with the Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, Iowa – the largest in the United States [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Are Industry Returns Informative about Other Industries and Fundamentals?
by Nikiforos T. Laopodis
JEA  2024, 87; 10.58567/jea04010001 - 15 March 2024
This paper examines the information content of selected US industries focusing on the dynamic linkages among these industries, the stock market and a number of fundamental variables. The period of investigation spans from January 1960 to December 2021. The empirical strategy includes several methodologies such as regressions, vector autoregressions and volatility models. The id [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Innovation in creative industries: Bibliometrix analysis and research agenda
by Paulin Gohoungodji
JEA  2024, 88; 10.58567/jea04010002 - 15 March 2024
Innovation has received a great attention in the creative industries literature. We propose in this study a bibliometric method to examine the literature on innovation in creative industries (ICI). A file of 656 manuscripts published on ICI between 1998 and 2022 was retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection for analysis. The results highlight the evolution of study volu [...] Read more
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