Aims and scope

- update at: 11 Jul 2023

The world must shift to clean energy sources and the technological advancements that allow this transition for transportation, warming, agriculture, industrial, and household purposes. This journal welcomes submissions on any element and level of technologies for energy generation and/or usage that reduce the environmental effect of such generation and usage.

Energy supply, conversion, transmission, and consumption all have effects on society, the environment, human health, and the economy, all of which are interconnected. Goal #7 of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) is to ensure access to clean energy worldwide while keeping the environment safe. In this regard, this journal focuses on increasing the efficiency of energy sources through technological innovations, instruments, strategies, techniques, regulations, practices, and evaluations.

This journal collects original research papers on the most current developments in green energy technology for energy sustainability and environmental mitigation. Additionally, research into innovative approaches and strategies for green energy technologies is encouraged. Experimental and numerical research, as well as research into current advances, the state of the art, and upcoming breakthroughs in this sector, are strongly welcomed.

The journal is a Gold Open Access journal, online readers don't have to pay any fee. All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived until the end of 2024.