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Issue 2 (December)

Vol. 2 (2023), BAB

2 articles

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Open Access Review
Advances in the use of cell-membrane encapsulated nanoparticles to target tumor drugs
by Mengdie Feng  and  Yonghua Zheng
BAB  2023, 10; 2(2), 10; 10.58567/bab02020001 - 09 October 2023
Cancer treatment faces multiple challenges, including tumor heterogeneity, drug resistance, microenvironment influence, treatment side effects, and treatment cost. The heterogeneity of the tumor makes the effect of the same treatment vary in different patients, so the development of personalized treatment strategies is crucial. In addition, resistance of tumor cells to therapeu [...] Read more
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Open Access Review
Advances in rapid detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with DNase-based sensors
by Shriya Madan  and  Yongzhi Chen
BAB  2023, 11; 2(2), 11; 10.58567/bab02020002 - 17 October 2023
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common pathogen, and its presence in medical environments and water bodies has attracted widespread attention. Traditional detection methods are usually time-consuming and cumbersome, so it is necessary to develop a rapid and sensitive detection technology. DNase can specifically recognize and cut DNA molecules complementary to its substrate sequence [...] Read more
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