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Research progress of nanomedicine for tumor immunotherapy
by Xingyi Wan , Mengyan Jiang  and  Shriya Madan
Cancer, a pervasive threat to human health, presents formidable challenges to traditional treatment approaches. Tumor immunotherapy has emerged as a promising strategy for combating malignancies by bolstering the body's immune response to thwart tumor metastasis and recurrence. Nonetheless, the intricacies of tumors, patient heterogeneity, and the presence of tumor-immunosuppre [...] Read more

Journal Article
Recent Progress in the Transition Metal Sulfide/Phosphide for Cancer Theranostic Applications
by Xingru Zhao , Qi An  and  Jingwen Cai
Transition metal sulfides/transition metal phosphides (TMS/TMP) has shown great potential in cancer diagnosis and treatment due to its unique structural, optical, acoustic and magnetic properties. TMS/TMP can be formed from sulfur/phosphorus source and metal into binary compounds, or from the interaction of hydrogen sulfide (or hydrogen sulfuric acid) with metal oxides or hydro [...] Read more