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Follow Suit: Imitative governance, resource inclination, and regional innovation efficiency
by Shutter Zor , Jingru Chen , Jietie Ailimujiang  and  Fayao Wang
Influenced by traditional notions of solidarity, when a province’s planning can be highly aligned with that of the central government, the province is perceived to be more collective and thus able to receive financial or resource favors from the central government. This consistency, as is often the case, reflected in doing the same thing as the central government. This si [...] Read more

Journal Article
Research on Global Tax Governance under the Background of Digital Economy
by Jingyi Yang , Xiaoyang Guo  and  Yang Shen
Under the background of digital economy, global tax governance has become one of the important topics in today's world development and change. In recent years, new challenges, such as tax base erosion and profit transfer, and the imbalance of cross-border tax source division, have become prominent, forcing the reform of international tax rules and the reshaping of international [...] Read more

Journal Article
Public Diplomacy and Chinese OFDI: Empirical Evidence from the Africa
by Xinjian Ye , Zhuolin Wu , Shuocong Gu  and  Shikuan Zhao
Public diplomacy is a significant factor in promoting policy communication, people-to-people bonds, and the protection of foreign assets between two nations, but there is little research on the economic worth of public diplomacy. Python was used to crawl the daily search frequency of "China", "African countries", and related terms to construct the heat index of China-Africa pub [...] Read more