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The Impact of Automobile Purchase Restriction on Urban Air Quality: Experimental Evidence from Beijing, China
by Fengyu Cheng , Jianping Liao , Kenichiro Soyano  and  Feiling Lu
It's critical for environmental governance to understand the effectiveness of policy interventions as well as their working mechanisms. This paper focuses on the vehicle license plate-based management, a sort of policy intervention understudied in environmental governance literature. Specifically, we study the automobile purchase restriction (APR), a major method of license man [...] Read more

Journal Article
Machine Learning Survival Models restrictions: the case of startups time to failed with collinearity-related issues
by Diego Vallarino
This research evaluates the efficacy of survival models in forecasting startup failures and investigates their economic implications. Several machine learning survival models, including Kernel SVM, DeepSurv, Survival Random Forest, and MTLR, are assessed using the concordance index (C-index) as a measure of prediction accuracy. The findings reveal that more sophisticated models [...] Read more