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Aims & scope

- update at: 21 Sep 2023

Science Next is a multidisciplinary academic journal that aims to promote scientific application by publishing high-caliber peer-reviewed research on a broad range of natural sciences and high-tech fields on the basis of its originality, scientific significance and whether it is of general interest. It will serve as a high-quality platform for researchers working in a wide variety of scientific areas to communicate their findings and critical opinions.

Journal editors and staff routinely attend major scientific conferences and closely engage with readers and authors. The journal will maintain an active presence on social media to offer our authors great visibility. We expect that each article will receive a lot of citations, and the impact factor of the journal will not be less than 20.

Submissions to Science Next should clearly justify the need for rapid disclosure of key results. The journal covers all areas of the life sciences, materials sciences, and interdisciplinary disciplines, Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical medicine, Virology, Cancer, Neuroscience, Plant molecular & cell biology, Signal transduction, RNA biology, Immunity & molecular pathogenesis, Stem cell biology & development, Chromatin, epigenetics & transcription
  • Implantable devices, biomedical devices, Lab on Chips, Biosensors and Bioelectronics
  • Develop materials for biomedical, energy and environmental applications