REA, Volume 2, Issue 3 (October 2023) - 5 articles
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Open Access Journal Article
Consumers’ attitude towards meat brands: Evidence from pork products in Guangzhou, China
by Fafa (Monica) Yan , Xi Ouyang  and  Wen’e Qi
REA 2023, 2 (3); 10.58567/rea02030001 - 30 October 2023
This study aims to investigate the factors influencing consumers’ cognitive attitude towards the brands of products during their consumption willingness, behaviors and choices. Taking pork brands as an example, this study conducts a questionnaire by using a random sampling method in 165 farmers’ meat markets and 54 supermarkets in Tianhe District, Yuexiu District, L [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Dynamic Nonlinear Relationship between Digital Transformation, Green Transformation in Manufacturing Industry and Labor Structure: Evidence from Panel VAR Analysis
by Haiyong Jiang , Yinghui Han , Yue Wang  and  Zhenyu Chen
REA 2023, 2 (3); 10.58567/rea02030002 - 30 October 2023
The digital transformation of manufacturing industry can promote the development of green transformation and promote the differentiation of workers’ skill structure; On the other hand, it will also hinder the green development due to the huge energy consumption generated by the application of digital technology and facilities. In addition, the green transformation of manu [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
The Impact of Executive Academic Experience on Green Innovation in Manufacturing Corporations
by Dehua Li , Zhihu Xia  and  Yingying Shi
REA 2023, 2 (3); 10.58567/rea02030003 - 31 October 2023
Green innovation, as a sustainable development approach, can synergistically promote high-quality economic and social development. We select China's A-share-listed manufacturing corporations from 2011 to 2021 as the research sample to empirically study the impact of executive academic experience on green innovation in manufacturing corporations. Further, we test the relationshi [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Digital literacy and farm household property income-Based on China Rural Revitalization Comprehensive Survey (CRRS) data
by Shumin Wang  and  Caiping Qu
REA 2023, 2 (3); 10.58567/rea02030004 - 31 October 2023
The long-term low level of residents' property income is not only detrimental to the wealth accumulation of farmers, but also aggravates the urban-rural income imbalance. This paper uses an empirical approach to explore the mechanism of digital literacy's impact on farm households' property income. The main findings of this paper are as follows: (1) Digital literacy and its sub [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Can rural human capital inputs enhance agricultural total factor productivity? - Based on the dualistic economic structure perspective
by can wang
REA 2023, 2 (3); 10.58567/rea02030005 - 21 November 2023
Human factor inputs are key to promoting agricultural modernisation. Traditional economic theory suggests that improving human capital is the key to boosting agricultural productivity, but can this conclusion hold in China's dualistic economic structure? We use Chinese provincial panel data from 2000-2017 to examine the impact of rural human capital inputs on agricultural total [...] Read more
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