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The Effect of Logistics Performance Index of RCEP Countries on China's Export Trade

by Kaiwen Zhang a,*
School of Economics, Xi'an University of Finance and Economics, Xi'an, China
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
REA  2022, 4; 1(1), 4;
Received: 22 November 2022 / Accepted: 28 December 2022 / Published Online: 30 December 2022


The signing of RCEP has created new opportunities for the development of China's export trade, and international logistics capacity is an important factor affecting the conduct of international trade. This paper qualitatively describes and analyzes the LPI index and its sub-indicators of RCEP member countries, and empirically investigates the impact of logistics performance level on China's export trade through an extended gravity model. The study shows that there are large differences in logistics performance levels among RCEP member countries, especially in South Asia, where the quality of logistics infrastructure and customs efficiency are the most lagging behind, which are the key factors pulling down the logistics performance index; the signing of RCEP has effectively promoted China's foreign trade level, but there are great differences in export amounts to different countries, and the logistics performance levels of importing countries and China's export trade are significant positive correlation, the improvement of logistics performance is conducive to promoting China's export trade to RCEP member countries, and from the viewpoint of logistics links, the role of logistics infrastructure quality is the strongest, and the influence of cargo transportation timeliness is the weakest.

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Zhang, K. The Effect of Logistics Performance Index of RCEP Countries on China's Export Trade. Review of Economic Assessment, 2022, 1, 4.
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Zhang K. The Effect of Logistics Performance Index of RCEP Countries on China's Export Trade. Review of Economic Assessment; 2022, 1(1):4.
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Zhang, Kaiwen 2022. "The Effect of Logistics Performance Index of RCEP Countries on China's Export Trade" Review of Economic Assessment 1, no.1:4.
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Zhang, K. (2022). The Effect of Logistics Performance Index of RCEP Countries on China's Export Trade. Review of Economic Assessment, 1(1), 4.

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