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Issue 1 (March)

Vol. 3 (2024), JRE

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Open Access Journal Article
Spatiotemporal pattern evolution and influencing factors of population spatial distribution in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan urban agglomeration, China
by Weiping Wu , Wenhua Xie  and  Yuwei Sun
JRE  2024, 12; 3(1), 12; 10.58567/jre03010001 - 23 January 2024
Population, as a fundamental element in urban development, often reflects a city's economic development pattern through its spatial distribution and dynamic changes. Studying population spatial distribution is pivotal for bolstering the economic activity capacity in urban agglomerations and guiding regional economic health. Using the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan urban agglomeratio [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
The Impact of Relationship Marketing Strategies on Customer Loyalty in the High-End Hair Salon Industry in Auckland
by Jia Wei- Sim  and  Indrapriya Kularatne
JRE  2024, 13; 3(1), 13; 10.58567/jre03010002 - 15 March 2024
The business world is a competitive place, and enterprises must cultivate sustainable relationships with their clients to gain customer loyalty. Concepts of relationship marketing (RM) are becoming vital in the service industry. Different RM strategies are used to attract customers, but some of these strategies do not achieve customer loyalty as easily as predicted due to custo [...] Read more
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