Issue 4 (December)

Vol. 2 (2023), REA

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Open Access Journal Article
Unlocking the Potential of Chinese Urban Innovation: The Role of Support Policies for New R&D Institutions from an Innovation Chain Management Perspective
by mingyang Zhang
REA  2024, 21; 2(4), 21; 10.58567/rea02040001 - 02 January 2024
The enactment of policies that bolster new research and development (R&D) institutions stands as a pivotal strategy to catalyze urban innovation and development. Adopting a strategic lens of innovation chain management and employing the Differences-in-Differences (DID) method to scrutinize panel data from 43 Chinese cities spanning 2008 to 2019, this study probes the effica [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
The Impact of the Corona Virus on Supply Chains: Opportunities and Challenges
by Abdullah Aloqab , Wen Hu , Omar Ahmed Abdulraqeb , Othman Mohammed  and  Bassam Raweh
REA  2024, 22; 2(4), 22; 10.58567/rea02040002 - 03 January 2024
The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on economies everywhere, affecting everything from supply chain networks to international trade as a direct result of the increased vulnerability of more nations and the disruption of the activities of key traders. This research study examines how COVID-19 affected the supply chain on a worldwide and regional scale, as well as the systemic po [...] Read more
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